Learning Objectives

This course is intended to expose you to the basic ideas of Differential Equations combined with some ideas from Linear Algebra. To be successful, a student must be able at the end of the class to solve the majority of the problems with no external help. All assignments and exams are geared towards and measure how much this goal has been accomplished.

Specific Learning Objectives

To learn about

    • Separable Differential Equations
    • Linear and Non-Linear Differential Equations
    • First- Order Differential Equations
    • Second- Order Differential Equations
    • Modelling with Differential Equations
    • Solving Differential Equations using Numerical Methods
    • Solving a system of two linear equations; Eigenvalues
    • Solving systems of Differential Equations
    • The Laplace Transform

General Learning Objectives

To learn (or at least start learning) how to think mathematically/critically. You will have to

  • Memorize and explain definitions, formulas, equations and theorems.
  • Learn certain techniques.

Formulas, equations, techniques etc… these are your mathematical tools and as a bare minimum you have to know what they are.

  • Learn when certain formulas, equations, techniques etc. can be applied.
  • Combine different tools and techniques.
  • Identify the correct tools and techniques to deal with unknowns situations.
  • Solve problems that look different from what you have seen before.
  • Engage in mathematical arguments.

3. Actively participate in this class

  • Be present; ask questions; answer questions; take notes.
  • Contribute your thoughts.
  • Work with other students outside class about this class. Working with a group of other students is highly encouraged, but not during the exams!

It is advisable that you study Differential Equations with the intend to remember it.


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