Feedback for Homework Due 1/21

Differential Equations- Winter 2015
Feedback for HW Due 1/21

Approximately 3 problems will be graded each week. The more problems you try, the higher the chances you will have solved the selected 3.

Your paper homework is graded on the method you use, not the answer. Correct steps, but wrong answer, can yield full points.
No steps, but correct answer, yield no points.
Example: Integration by parts. Show your u,v,du,dv. Not just the answer.

If a question is asking you to approximate, e.g. the local maximum, then it is expected that you use a computer, or Sage, to graph the function and approximate. These questions are graded on answer only.

Your (Sage) calculations are graded on output.
Example: Section 1.3, problem 4. Use Euler’s method with initial value y(0)=0 to approximate y(0.1), y(0.2), y(0.3) and y(0.4). If you use step size=0.1, you need at least 4 iterations of the method (n=4).
If you use step size=0.05, you need at least 8 iterations of the method (n=8). If you use n=4 again, you only approximate y(0.1) and y(0.2).


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