Submit Sage Worksheets

Dear all,

1) Instead of printing the Sage worksheets, you can send them to me by email.

IMPORTANT: Before you send your worksheets, please rename them as “YourLastName-Deadline.sws”.

E.g. Souldatos0121.sws, or Souldatos0121.sagews.

Files that are not named following the above convention will be rejected.

1st way (easiest):

I am assuming you are working on

Otherwise use the 2nd way.

On the top left panel there is a button marked “i” with a little circle around it (right next to “Run”; see attached image). Click on it and then “Share Publicly”.

Then email me the link to the shared worksheet.

2nd way:

Save the worksheet in your computer, by clicking on “i” on the top-left panel (see attached image) and then “Download”.

Then email this file to me.

2) The deadline for submitting the Sage worksheets this week is tomorrow, Thursday 1/22, at 11:59pm.

The following weeks the deadline will be the same as the paper homework, i.e. every Wednesday at 9:00am.



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