Access to Sage

Dear all,

1) The Sage worksheets that we will use for this class can be found at:

If I make changes to any of them, I will let you know.

2) You can get access to Sage through the following servers (all are for free):

The servers may look the same, but they are unrelated. The worksheets on the one server will not be available on another server. The only reason you may want to use a different server is when the server is down or slow to respond. So, save your worksheets every time in your computer.

You can also use the following one-cell input servers (faster and requires no log-in, but you can only use one cell at a time, and you can not save your work to a worksheet).

3) Tutorials and other resources about Sage can be found at

4) If you find any other Sage servers online please let me an email and I will add them to the list.

Thank you.


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