Homework due Wednesday 1/21

1) Download the Sage Worksheet “Separable Differential Equations- MTH 3720.sws

2) Solve the problems

Section 2.1, Problems 14, 18 , 25.

Use Sage to plot the graphs for problems 14 and 18.

Section 1.2, Problems 15, 16, 24, 27.

Use Sage for the direction field in problem 24.

3) Download the Sage worksheet “Euler’s Method.sws”

4) Solve the problems

Section 1.3, Problems 3(a) (do this “by hand”), 4, 9, 16, 18.

Use Sage for problems 4,9, 16, 18, not by hand.


If you have problem accessing Sage or questions about the homework, please let me know.

Thank you.


9 comments on “Homework due Wednesday 1/21

  1. I couldn’t attend the lecture on thursday and had classes all day. Just wanted to know if any tips were given in class to make sage work properly.


    • Not sure what exactly you want to know, but look the example in the worksheet itself.
      The differential equation is dy/dx= 2x/(y+x^2*y).
      When you plot the plot field the commands are:
      plot_slope_field(2*x/(y+x^2*y), (x,-5,5), (y,-5,5))
      The quantity 2*x/(y+x^2*y) is the right-hand side of the differential equation and (x,-5,5) and (y,-5,5) are the bounds for x and y respectively. Is this what you are asking?


      • Hello Professor, sorry i missed class on Thursday i was very sick but i was just wondering what do you want us to do with the graphs and all the equations we produce on sage?


  2. i finished homework and tried to print,the printable pdf file conversion isnt showing a lot of the material on the sage worksheet i have. Also, the number of pages to print even without those content turned out to be 30. i was wondering if it would be ok to share the link with you something like that.because printing 30 pages for one homework assignment is too much for me.


  3. professor i cannot get sage to create any integral curves i can get the direction field however it says there is an error anytime i run your code. i downloaded it several times and keep retrying however nothing is happening…


  4. I still cannot get the direction fields for number 18 in section 1.3 to work… i did what we talked about after class however nothing changed


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