Homework for Wednesday 1/14

Dear all,

There will be no class today. Instead, I want you to do the following:

1) Go to https://cloud.sagemath.com/ and create an account.

2) Download the Sage Worksheet named

3) Please complete the following and hand to the instructor in class on Wednesday 1/14.

Section 2.1, Problems 14, 18 , 25.

Use Sage and the commands in the “Separable Differential Equations- MTH 3720.sws” to plot the graphs for problems 14 and 18.


4 comments on “Homework for Wednesday 1/14

  1. Hello Professor, what should we use to open the “Separable Differential Equations” worksheet? I do not have any programs on my computer that can open it.


  2. Did anyone else have trouble making an account on SageCloud? As of right now, I have been unable to make an account because it refuses to process my request.


  3. Hello Professor, i have been using sage for a couple hours now, but i cannot figure out how to do anything on it… What am i suppose to do with it?


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